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Into the Vortex: Leading the Power to Partner Everywhere – Presentation at Strategic Alliance Management Congress

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Biopharma partnering professionals, access our presentation from the May 2017 Strategic Alliance Management Congress.

Partnering is ubiquitous. It is happening everywhere in every function of a biopharma company. New partners often come from unexpected places. An ecosystem perspective is required to address new challenges and keep traditional alliances and collaborations on track. Explore the implications on how alliance processes must adapt and evolve – from partnering models to governance and measurement. Understand the new mindset and skillset required for alliance managers to succeed now that partnering is everywhere.


Flip the Question - As Published in Strategic Alliance Magazine

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Want new opportunities for alliance management? This article puts forth an argument that instead of asking how to get senior executives to recognize the value of alliance management, let’s ask what value alliance management should be delivering that is relevant to the C-Suite today.


Presentation: Partnering with Stakeholders to Grow Collaborative Ability

Co-authored with Mary Jo Struttmann, Sr. Director, Alliance Management, Astellas

At the 2009 ASAP Global Summit, Twombly and Struttmann outlined an approach to developing collaborative ability across an organization. Part and parcel of most alliance management groups’ mission, the enabling role is often overlooked, even though direct support of alliances hinges on the collaborative ability of the organization.


Presentation: Highlights of Our Perspective on Strategic Alliance Management

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This brief presentation highlights our approach to the function and role of strategic alliance management. When engaged to develop an alliance management methodology and model for an organization, we first seek to understand the organization and the role of alliances in it, then we customize the metholdology and model to fit.

As Mike Leonetti, Chairperson of ASAP has said, “If you’ve seen one alliance…you’ve seen one alliance.” The same is true for the alliance management function.

The principles outlined herein can also be implemented without building a specific alliance management function.