SMART Partnering: Orchestrating Success in the Era of Connected Ecosystems

Welcome to the era of connected ecosystems.

Incumbents struggle to shift their businesses from legacy cash cows to emerging new models. Some will – many will not. Resiliency and the courage to be bold and think big are essential in the face of ever-changing market dynamics. The challenge is that decisions have to be made quickly and with incomplete information. If decisions were black or white, they would be easy. The challenge – and where opportunity lies – is in the gray.The problem is that in most companies, the executive suite doesn’t understand partnering.

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Flip the Question - As Published in Strategic Alliance Magazine

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Want new opportunities for alliance management? This article puts forth an argument that instead of asking how to get senior executives to recognize the value of alliance management, let’s ask what value alliance management should be delivering that is relevant to the C-Suite today.


The Question of the Moment: Who Should We Be Partnering With Now? 

Remember the ritual of deciding who you wanted on your team for the neighborhood game of the week? Choosing the right combination of players to win depended on the game being played. Something similar is going on today in many companies when it comes to partnering.

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The Spotlight Intensifies - As Published in Strategic Alliance Magazine

An update on the 2012 Practice of Alliance Management in the Biopharmaceutical Industry Study conducted by The Rhythm of Business finds an intensified focus on alliance management performance in the industry as a whole. The study results show an expansion of alliance management activities in smaller companies, and opportunities for alliance professionals in new corners within industry giants—and with new types of partners.

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Presentation: Right Partners, Right Strategy. Taking a Strategic Approach to the Partner Portfolio

This presentation was given by Jeff Shuman of The Rhythm of Business, Lorin Coles of Alliancesphere and Scott Musson and Jack Barrata of Red Hat at the 2014 ASAP Global Alliance Summit.

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