The Question of the Moment: Who Should We Be Partnering With Now? 

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It’s a fair enough question. New technologies, macroeconomic shifts, regulatory concerns and so many other challenges are causing companies to think anew about how they satisfy customers, deliver returns to investors, engage the best and brightest employees and be good stewards of their communities. Indeed, many companies are redefining the business they are in, as well as the business model they are using, making it even harder to understand who might be a good potential partner. A perfect example is GE, maker of all manner of “things,” now one of the largest software companies in the world and seeking to be king of what it calls the Industrial Internet, also known as the Internet of Everything or just the Internet of Things (IoT). Today it is challenging to know what industry a company considers itself part of—new categories are being created and old ones blown up all the time. No wonder that “Who should we partner with?” is the question of the moment.

This white paper uses a case study to provide a blueprint for answering the question when a confluence of circumstances is causing companies to rethink who they should be partnering with and for what purpose.

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