The Partner Portfolio Manager: Shining the Spotlight on Performance and Value

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Elevate Alliance and Partner Management Performance

It’s no secret. Partnering is central to most companies’ strategies today. And senior management is beginning to understand that failing to properly manage risk-causing complexity can prevent a partnership from achieving its intended value and contributing to the realization of strategic objectives. Magnify this by alliance and partner portfolios that can include hundreds of different relationships, as well as an increasing number of multipartner alliances, and it becomes obvious that managing the complexity in the alliance portfolio is essential if the intended value is to be realized and strategic objectives achieved.

Over the past several years, The Rhythm of Business has popularized our philosophy and methodology, epitomized in our Value/Complexity Portfolio Methodology and profiling process. We’ve made our portfolio measurement and management tools freely available through white papers and conference presentations and encouraged people to just try them. And they have, adopting and adapting our methodology and tools within many organizations across industries. The Value/Complexity Portfolio Methodology has helped alliance managers to:

  • Define organizational issues that are impeding performance across the portfolio

  • Focus on specific actions to help individual alliances achieve desired value

  • Sensitize alliance teams to signs of misalignment

  • Garner more resources for the alliance management group and make a compelling case for why resources should not be spent on certain partners

  • Identify where intended value is not being generated and take corrective action

  • Use the portfolio map that results from measuring individual alliances as a communications tool for working with the C-Suite and other senior executives

In every case, alliance and partner managers using the Value/Complexity Portfolio Methodology have improved their performance and demonstrated specific results derived from alliance management. Senior management and alliance teams are noticing.

In partnership with New Information Paradigms, Ltd., The Rhythm of Business is pleased to make available a Web-based app that embodies our methodology and allows data gathering and analysis that are not easily accomplished with existing analog tools. It is a powerful means of enhancing performance and demonstrating value now that alliance managers are in the spotlight.

Download the pdf to read the rest of The Partner Portfolio Manager: Shining the Spotlight on Perofrmance and Value.

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