Developing Alliance Management Skills

Alliance management is a sophisticated job requiring a broad range of skills and abilities. Alliance managers must be part strategist, part diplomat, part salesperson, part entrepreneur, and part coach and mentor. They must be able to seamlessly move between strategy and implementation—and back. Additionally, they must have and be able to wield tremendous business savvy and social capital. Quite frankly, the basic competencies can’t be taught; they must be acquired through experience.

However, there are technical aspects of the job that can be taught. Some of the subject areas our customized workshops for alliance managers cover include:

Alliance Governance Operating Principles and Design Considerations

Take a deep dive into designing and operating effective alliance governance structures and processes, establishing expectations of executives, and delineating roles and responsibilities.

The Alliance Start-up Process: The First 100 Days

Experienced alliance managers agree: start it right or restart it later. This critical time is when alliance managers can best shape the culture of an alliance. This workshop shows you how to identify the critical activities and behaviors that must be established during the initial excitement of a new alliance launch.

Alliance and Collaboration Management Assessment Tools

Metrics are challenging in alliances and alliance management. The Rhythm of Business has invested considerable resources in developing a suite of measurement tools that address both alliances and the impact of alliance management. They are not the same thing, and too often the latter is left out.

Measuring and Managing the Alliance Portfolio

The alliance portfolio is getting larger and more complex, yet the resources available to manage it aren’t growing at an equivalent pace. Learn a methodology for measuring and managing your portfolio that has been used and adapted by many organizations, is the basis for the chapter on portfolio management in the 2013 edition of the ASAP Handbook of Alliance Management (coming soon), and is embodied within our spreadsheet tool.