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Alliance Management Guidebook

The Alliance Management Guidebook is part educational resource and part documentation of a Company’s alliance management processes and practices. It is a critical tool for making alliance management a corporate capability—not dependent on specific individuals, and ensuring that partners have a consistent experience.

alliance_playbook_ad_imageIt also contains a rich suite of simple planning, decision-making, and communication tools. The Guidebook describes how the Company wants to manage its alliances, so part of the process of writing it is working with you to make those decisions. We incorporate industry-leading practices that have been customized for your portfolio, as well as any Company-specific practices, including how alliances interface with corporate governance and decision-making bodies.

The following is the Table of Contents of a typical Guidebook:

  1. Introduction and Definition of Terms
  2. Alliance Management at
    1. Alliance Management Center of Excellence
  3. Alliance Roles—for the alliance manager, executive sponsor, governance committee, and alliance team members
  4. Alliance Management Leadership and Performance Expectations
  5. Key Responsibilities of Strategic Alliance Managers
    1. Designing, Implementing, and Managing Governance
    2. Managing Alliance Operations and the Contract
    3. Alliance Planning and Communications
    4. Risk Mitigation and Problem Solving
    5. Financial Management and Alliance Effectiveness
  6. Alliance Start-up and Transition
  7. Job Descriptions
  8. Tools for Alliance Start-ups
  9. Tools for Governance and Administration
  10. Tools for Managing Alliance Operations and Financial Reporting

There are numerous subsections within each of the sections listed above, resulting in a Guidebook of between 75 and 100 pages in length. The tools are forms and checklists presented on PowerPoint slides. Usable electronic versions are also provided.