SMART Partnering Ally with Confidence

Partnering is a de facto component of many companies’ strategies today. It is not uncommon to find that more than half of revenue and new product pipeline is created with “partners”. Download(pdf)

Alliance Management Guidebook

The Alliance Management Guidebook is part educational resource and part documentation of a Company’s alliance management processes and practices. It is a critical tool for making alliance management a corporate capability. Download(pdf)

The Partner Portfolio Manager™

Developed specifically for alliance managers, The Partner Portfolio Manager makes it simple to analyze both individual alliances and a company’s overall portfolio, and then plan actions that create the alliance outcomes required to achieve corporate strategies. Download pdf)

Partner Listening Tour

What do your partners say when they talk about your company? That you’re easy to do business with? That you communicate well? In their minds, are you a “partner of choice”—or would they rather never partner with you again? Our Partner Listening Tour helps you find out just how well your company is collaborating with others. Download(pdf)

VitalSigns™ Collaboration Assessment

VitalSigns is our answer to alliance health checks. It focuses on the effectiveness of the collaboration in achieving desired outcomes—not on what each partner is doing right or wrong. Download(pdf)

Partnering and Alliance Consulting

The Rhythm of Business provides executives with the roadmap and expertise you need to integrate partnering into your organization’s strategy and operations and drive consistent, measurable performance from your alliance and collaboration portfolio.

Whether you are just beginning to develop your partnering practice or fine-tuning an experienced team, we work side by side with you to take your capability to the next level. The Rhythm of Business is your own Center of Alliance Excellence, offering comprehensive partnering and alliance management consulting services that help you integrate alliances and collaboration into strategy development, resource allocation and strategy execution. Partnering is not just a function, but must become part of how work is done across your organization.

We have worked in many industries and across sectors to help our clients move beyond a collection of best practices to a complete philosophy and integrated body of partnering practice. Our overarching framework and set of processes and tools can be adapted and applied to any collaboration. We help you maintain consistency across all collaborations, ensuring that the mindset, skillset and toolset of partnering are suffused throughout your organization. Our approach is resource-friendly, scalable as the portfolio of relationships grows, allowing professional alliance managers to focus on the most complex collaborations while building the company’s ability to succeed in all alliances and collaborations.

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