At The Rhythm of Business, we’ve invested considerable resources in developing and testing a suite of insightful and actionable metrics for collaboration management. Our collaboration tools are highly customizable and focus management attention where it will make a difference.

We’ve also developed thinking tools specifically for alliance managers. Each ties directly into our framework for high-performing collaborations, aligning strategic intent with frontline alliance action.

Let The Rhythm of Business show you how to leverage the professional tools that will set you and your alliance capability apart.

Alliance & Collaboration Tools:
What Gets Measured, Gets Managed

Alliance Management Guidebook

Ever wanted to “go to the book” and cite chapter and verse to your alliance team? Now you can. We help you create a Guidebook that documents and standardizes how your company manages alliances—keeping everyone on the same page.

The Partner Portfolio Manager™

Taking a portfolio approach to managing multiple collaborations helps you see the specific contributions of individual alliances, assess the risks and rewards represented by new partners, and determine how best to allocate alliance resources in the service of your company’s overall strategy.

Positive Impact Assessment

Is the alliance management team pulling its weight? Adding value? Minimizing risk? Our assessment tool shows you just where alliance management is delivering the goods—and where specific adjustments may be needed.

VitalSigns™ Assessment

It’s an alliance health check—with a difference. Our assessment focuses on outcomes, not just “fit,” to deliver a comprehensive view of where your alliance is running smoothly and fulfilling its promise—and where the metrics show gaps in perceptions of operations and results.

Partner Listening Tour™

Want to know what your partners are saying about you? Want to find out just how well you collaborate with others? Learn whether they see you as a partner of choice—or a company they’d rather not do business with again—with our Partner Listening Tour.

Collaborating To Win™

This unique tool assesses personal collaborative ability, evaluating the skills, beliefs, and practices that make the difference between those who are guiding the alliance forward and those who are holding it back.

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