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    Why “The Rhythm of Business”?

    Our company name describes the approach that underlies all of our work. The Rhythm of Business defines the development process all successful entrepreneurs follow when launching a new venture or expanding an existing one. This process starts with creating a vision, or goal, and moves to identifying critical assumptions about how to achieve that vision, implementing a plan to test those assumptions, learning what is right and wrong about the underlying assumptions, and then making a more informed set of assumptions. The process repeats again and again until the vision or goal is achieved.

    This learning process is the essence of entrepreneurial thinking. It is much like the scientific process of creating a hypothesis and then testing and refining this assumption. It also defines the collaborative process. We believe in and follow this iterative process. Our work guides others to understand and harness the power of this resource-friendly way of working, regardless of the size of the organization.

    The rhythm is the pace at which one learns and implements the learning, getting ever closer to fulfillment of the vision.