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Outsourced Service Providers—or an Ecosystem of Strategic Partners?
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Into the Vortex: Leading the Power to Partner Everywhere – Presentation at Strategic Alliance Management Congress
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Learn from the High-tech World about Driving Success through the Biopharma Channel at the ASAP Biopharma Conference, September 13-15, 2017 in Cambridge, MA
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Capabilities Overview: Drive Your Collaboration’s Success

View our latest capabilities presentation and learn how The Rhythm of Business can help you harness partnering and collaboration to drive business performance. Download (pdf)

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Just Published: Our Latest Thinking on Partnering and Business Transformation.


Learn about the partnering opportunities and challenges of transformative Beyond the Pill strategies. Click on the cover image to the left to access our analysis and recommendations.

The Collaborative Challenge

Collaboration is a simple concept, but the details of successful execution make for complexity. Both the collaboration itself and the work of the collaboration must be managed, and that’s where The Rhythm of Business comes in.

Alliance & Collaboration Management Consulting

When alliances and collaboration are essential to your strategy, alliance management can’t be seen as an afterthought; it must become part of how work is done across your organization.

Alliance & Collaboration Tools

What gets measured, gets managed. We give you a suite of tools to do the job of alliance management. Our trademark assessments, resources, metrics, and other tools allow you to quantify and evaluate the impact of your alliance management function.

Learning Programs

Many courses and workshops teach alliance basics and “best practices.” The Rhythm of Business learning programs are tailored to the specific, just-in-time needs of your organization, your teams, and you.

Thought & Research

The Rhythm of Business blends theory and practice throughout all of its activities. Our everyday, hands-on practice informs our thinking and writing and provides the substance of our many presentations. Our research, in the same way, influences how we consult, educate, write, and present.

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  • Proven Frameworks & Tools
  • Thought Leadership